Anon - No - 21 minutes ago
Anon - thethinwhiteline - 24 minutes ago
Eeeeh. Thick lips can make a face look more fuckable, but many draw them like 1920s characters so severe duckface. So like, theres a range of accecptibility? A the end of the day though I'm a creampie man so maybe this wasn't written for me
Anon - Name - 33 minutes ago
Anon - N/A - 55 minutes ago
hmm, yes, i see
Anon - H - 1 hour ago
Tosakuken - 2 hours ago
I've never met not heard of someone so introverted that they still wouldn't slap this guy for what he's saying
Tosakuken - 2 hours ago
Well there's half of your potential customers gone right there. You thought this would be a good idea how?
Anon - Mmmm - 3 hours ago
This wouldve chaffed tf out her pussy.
Anon - no comments - 4 hours ago
no comments
Ivandsi - 4 hours ago
I mean, I'm glad he is not some fat bastard stereotype but how exactly is he the lowest of the low at school with his looks? He would average at least with looks and personality wise
Anon - Bob SAGET - 4 hours ago
You're tearing me apart Kid! Oh hi Mark
Anon - Plaguelord - 4 hours ago
Ah, Demon's Souls. The game that I was barely able to beat with a shitty faith build. I remember dying so many times to those two damned Maneaters and having to endure that agonizing world with the Leechmonger. I'll probably skip the remake since "git gud" games aren't exactly my forte. Heh, I guess "Sticky White Stuff" will be relevant again when this game is remade.
Anon - toyo - 4 hours ago
nightcore is still making music they put out new songs every month, fly by nightcore
Oddest Ball - 5 hours ago
Always warms my heart to hear of others' first forays into From Soft's legendary games.
Oddest Ball - 5 hours ago
Sure, they get annoyed when the Japanese do it. But when Stephen Universe does it, not a peep is heard.
anon - 6 hours ago
seems like the kind of thing that is usually rejected because it's not what people are used to. grappler baki has better art than almost any other series out there, but it's an acquired taste.
Anon - 69 - 6 hours ago
haha funny number go brrr
Anon - Thdeng - 7 hours ago
The shop owner is just done with her
Anon - God - 7 hours ago
This shot good
BunnyBow - 8 hours ago
As cute as this is, NEVER go bum to vagina
Anon - Strangerdanger - 8 hours ago
This is kinda well *shrugs and proceeds to fap*
Anon - Strangerdanger - 8 hours ago
No homo
Anon - You get what you fucking deserve! Jkr. - 8 hours ago
final plot twist took me on reading and no fap
KdogtheAnimeKing - 9 hours ago
That' Hmm I question if this is a good thing
RuSeR - 9 hours ago
Anon - Anon - 10 hours ago
I feel bad for the children, the daily onslaught of “Ur mom gay” will be a pain.
FutaKing - 10 hours ago
FutaKing - 10 hours ago
Be afraid, be very afraid
Anon - minecraftslayer3961 - 10 hours ago
This isn't coolmathgames
Anon - Conner - 11 hours ago
No homo that dude thicccc
Anon - Harm king - 11 hours ago
Of course ten year ago Typical harem shit
Anon - Ata - 11 hours ago
Wish i was getting my ass eaten like that
NiXoPrIx - 12 hours ago
There is a reason one locks the door
MrObvious - 13 hours ago
It's different than the usual and really spices things up in a steamy yet cute way. Just let me have my top FE waifu Tharja the dark mage and we'll be all set!
MrObvious - 13 hours ago
I played it once long ago. Sure, I'd bring her home. My special quirks for the opposite sex allows it, and given her badass status she's a keeper. Oh and her propensity for old Shakespearian English is really interesting
Anon - not telling - 14 hours ago
Whether or not he screwed up, I think shit like hacking the subreddit, doxxing him, writing an ED article on him and effectively making him into a meme was quite a bit too far. He's nowhere near as bad as shit-stains like Chris-chan, Onigojirakaiju, JustinRPG or LadyALT69.
Anon - Eee - 15 hours ago
Mines was 6 shit did not feel good
Anon - Hentai man - 15 hours ago
How is it so long
Anon - Bruhnonymous - 16 hours ago
What!? The hypnotized sex object will turn into a regular woman? Poor thing! *rolls eyes*
Munchydragon - 16 hours ago
And this is why elves are rare.
Anon - Bleep092 - 17 hours ago
Wholessome 100
Anon - Bleep092 - 17 hours ago
Bravo six going dark
Anon - Default - 17 hours ago
I was expecting her to preggy well pretty wholesome doujin
LoliNep - 17 hours ago
its was pretty good but not kink shaming or anything but group sex just dont do it for me
Anon - Default - 17 hours ago
Well that was quick
Anon - Default - 17 hours ago
Uh what the hell is with the crocodile and tentacle and giving birth to another ughhh disgusting you made me think about berserk
Anon - Strangerdanger - 17 hours ago
WTH they both curvy as fuck.
Anon - Strangerdanger - 17 hours ago
I'm just going to ignore the fact they're siblings.
Anon - Strangerdanger - 18 hours ago
Anon - dean - 18 hours ago
Perfect explanation of the Konosuba cast.
Anon - h - 19 hours ago
Anon - Mrs d - 19 hours ago
Well done
Anon - Jiraya - 19 hours ago
Anon - Mei - 19 hours ago
Absolute pedophilia trash. Get it off the site.
Hectotane - 20 hours ago
I don't know if we can call them dick-sucking lips. I've yet to see the girls suck any dicks during the mainline franchises. Maybe in the H fandom works, but hey.
randomdude - 20 hours ago
HR is gonna have a field day on this
Anon - Bob SAGET - 20 hours ago
A_Trap - 20 hours ago
Okay ngl the art and story is 11/10 (●♡∀♡)
randomdude - 20 hours ago
feels like they really just wanted an excuse to bang
randomdude - 20 hours ago
Its not gay if he looks like a girl! Probably.
tophshiba - 21 hours ago
ohhhh i see, wap, i seee ,hmmmmm, i seee ,h mmm
Anon - Really? - 21 hours ago
That first pic DOES need fixing. But only because the mouth and lips are misplaced. They're too far to the left of her face, our right, in other words.
Anon - 13yobbc - 21 hours ago
she making my nigga submit
Anon - Really? - 21 hours ago
I take solace in knowing my expectations of this author weren't misplaced. This guy makes stupid shit, period.
Anon - b - 21 hours ago
Well that was shit.
Anon - F to his ass - 22 hours ago
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
Dude What The Hell, He Might've Been Creepy But Overkill
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
Jeez See A Therapist
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
When Is This Marvel Movie Coming Out?
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
Such A Vertical Asshole
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
I'm Always Wearing A Condom, You Never Know When Sex Might Strike
ANALyzeer - 23 hours ago
How Did The Banana Not Just Break?
ANALyzeer - 1 day ago
A Pair Of Ass?
Anon - Name Not important - 1 day ago
Me to actually, garnet is cute but I think I'm more into amethyst and pearl.
Anon - Name Not important - 1 day ago
Hey trying to jack off to this ... And have regrets about it later. Do you guys mind lol
DraStic - 1 day ago
Those girls remind me of that one hentai: Cherry and Gals episode 1
Anon - Kuro'Sagol - 1 day ago
Fucking Shikamaru Zaraki over here
Anon - Stive - 1 day ago
This is what naruto should have been all along
jupmod - 1 day ago
IMO, i think it depends on how it looks in a scene. Say in doujins, I find it a turn-on to see close-ups of the girl's full lips as she gets French kissed by the guy, like in the Sailor Moon doujins by Black Dog. Oh, I don't mind seeing full lips when seeing the full face, but that depends on the how good it looks on the female character. Not all of them will look good with full lips.
Anon - Ukun - 1 day ago
Still listen to nightcore its called speed on youtube. I dont think very many songs i listen to after a few initial plays arwnt on speed. Side note eurobeat basically replaced the nightcore audience and is also good on speed.
Anon - I wonder - 1 day ago
Ik are we like just fucked up angels who got kicked out of heaven because we did this stuff
Viktoria97 - 1 day ago
Stop jerk off. I know a site where thousands of single girls are waiting to be fucked. Look at them ******
Anon - Helen - 1 day ago
Stop jerk off. I know a site where thousands of single girls are waiting to be fucked. Look at them ***
Anon - Helen - 1 day ago
Stop jerk off. I know a site where thousands of single girls are waiting to be fucked. Look at them
Anon - Chris - 1 day ago
UwU Little Peen The Best
Anon - Ryan - 1 day ago
Boy I sure do like peen.
Niggersmun - 1 day ago
Sage mode status : active
Anon - LOL - 1 day ago
Oh I see their looking for the legendary “culture exclusive” porn magazine I didn’t think it really existed
Anon - Poggers - 1 day ago
He did it boys
DonnySenpai - 1 day ago
I liked this. Wish it was entirely colored though
DonnySenpai - 1 day ago
A high quality touching story
Anon - Believer - 1 day ago
If you are reading this comment your parents will live happily and you will succeed at career
Anon - M - 1 day ago
I need that shit in my life lol
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Pfft I can see this convo maybe between 2 girls, but not a fucking classroom of them.
Anon - Last Blade 2 - 1 day ago
I know this site isn't desperate for doujins, so can we get a little bit of standards and not post/host garbage art like this? I'm sorry if this sounds really stand-offish, but there really is no excuse for art this poor. Calling it "professional" would be a bold faced lie.
Anon - Plaguelord - 1 day ago
It's a so-so thing for me. Thick and luscious lips look better on milfs and mature women than younger characters. My favorite anime girls with sexy lips are Melona from Queen's Blade (the original series) and Mariah from JoJo: Stardust Crusaders.
3MosiexL - 1 day ago
Anon - CBT - 1 day ago
Wait he was gonna let her crash at his place for the 's rough.
Anon - Badlandschugs - 1 day ago
Wait a minute. in the hentai didn't the parents die or something. Hmmm strange
Anon - PogChamp - 1 day ago
Egad - 1 day ago
Ah, the scene where comments end and fapping begins. Huh.
tanakaba - 1 day ago
Where is this coming on PC? I don't find it on Steam.
Anon - Horny shadow - 1 day ago
10 out of 10 will read again
Anon - Steve-o - 1 day ago
He's using the force
Anon - Hm - 1 day ago
Sexed the net keeping the door closed put of exsistence
Anon - why - 1 day ago
You never cease to give me entertainment during this boring time. Thank you kind sir.
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Why is this site full of cucks? I could understand Fat bastard hate (even though it went overboard and boring really fast), but why do people bitch about NTR? Those guys are meant to be villainous. It's like people don't know how storytelling works. Or love to project too much. Project with cuck MCs for some reason. Those threats don't make you a "hero", especially with all this violence.