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Stank Bitch - Yurugaba Niku Binko Chan Onahole Review
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

otonaJP asked us to take a look at some of their products, and here's our opinion. 

Doujins and hentai come up with the craziest concepts, and one of those concepts that I love is the human toilet concept. A girl, waiting patiently and eagerly in a empty mans restroom stall, only for some guy to come in and fuck her silly. But she’s not just waiting for one guy. Oh no. She’s hoping for many, and many more guys. And that’s where the Stank Bitch - Yurugaba Niku Binko Chan comes in. With it only costing $20.39 and discounted at $15.88 at the time of this article, you can have your own personal cum dump.


The box that it comes in is pretty standard when it comes to the structure of it and what comes in it. It’s a normal box with a small package of lube. But the art on the box is definitely an eye catcher. I love the art of a nerdy school girl slut, waiting in the restroom stall for another dick to come and pound her. Let me be honest, the art is one of the reasons I was interested in this onahole. So it’s safe to say that the art did it’s job.


The design of the onahole is that of a female torso. What I like most about the design of the onahole is the body writing that’s on it. It helps convey the slutty human toilet concept even more. The onahole is also super soft, which feels good in your hand. And with it being soft, you’re able to turn it inside out, if you want an easier time cleaning up.


I quite enjoyed this onahole. Most onaholes to me feel the same, with little to no difference, but with this one, I could feel the different sensations. With it being soft as I mentioned before, the entrance is the same. As you would expect from a girl who’s had many dicks in her, you’ll be able to slide into this onahole without any problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. The way the onahole bumps and curves feels as you pump more and more into it feels great. And the more you pump into it, the more it just won’t let go, just like the hungry toilet slut it’s based off of. 

If you want more onahole like this, you can always check out otonaJP.

TL;DR A onahole slut that won’t let you go. 4/5

Are you interested in the Skank Bitch? What do you think about the human toilet concept? Would you use a human toilet in real life? Tell us in the comments.