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Shady Lewd Kart Gets Lewder With Sex Animations
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

It’s always great to get in your kart and race a bunch of hot ass babes. But sometimes you need to take a break from racing all the hot ass babes and fuck them instead. Well with Shady Lewd Kart latest update, now that dream is a reality. It’s always good to take a pit stop every now and then. You can learn about the new animated sex scene and more with latest Shady Lewd Kart Direct.

I was able to check out some of these animated sex scenes for myself and I’ll happily race again to unlock some more. With the racing already being fun from the start, adding another incentive to do good is just icing on the cake. A lot of NSFW games would have you doing something boring and tedious just to unlock one sex scene. So it’s refresing doing something fun in order to win me some sex scenes.

Who doesn't enjoy themselves some shark girl sex?

You can purchase Shady Lewd Kart on Steam.

Have you played Shady Lewd Kart? Are you excited to see animated sex scene added to the game? Would you have sex with a shark woman? Tell us in the comments.