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Enjoy a Thicc Canadian Woman
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

I’m enjoying talking about artist OCs. There’s a lot of bangers out there that many may be missing. But with this artist's huge following, I wouldn’t be surprised if most already know about this one. So if you haven’t already heard about this Canadain babe of an OC, then let me introduce you to ThiccWithaQ Canadain OC, Calgary Callie.

She’s a pretty hot OC eh? Okay, enough making fun of the way Canadain people speak, but Callie is definitely a huge win for the Canadians. What proud maple loving Canadain would hate on a proud representation such as Callie. We black people get big lip gang violent characters, while the Canadians get this thicc badass bitch. Her long blonde hair and her Canadian park ranger uniform. She’s a total cutie, that I’m putting on my artist OC love list.

And people also love bringing artist’s OCs even more to life with their voice. NSFW VA Cottontail decided to show her Canadain pride by giving a voice to the sexy Callie.

Is Callie a hit or a miss? Do you think Callie makes Canadains proud? Have you heard of ThiccWithaQ? Tell us in the comments