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Anime Girls with Big Lips
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

Now, I’m a guy who loves some blowjob action. Blowjob scenes are one of my favorite scenes when it comes to hentai. And something that makes those blowjob scenes even better, is if the female character has a pair of fully plump DSLs. That stands for Dick Sucking Lips if you’re not aware of that.

Anime artists tend to leave little to no detail when it comes to a character's nose and mouth, with usually only drawing a simple line or dot. This is the basic style for most of the characters, but sometimes you’ll have that one character who has a little more facial detail than the other ones. I was reminded about my love for full lip anime girls by a recent episode of The God of High School. This DSL rocking girl karate kicked her way into my heart.

No girl, you look good.

There are many full lip anime girls across different anime, but if I had to pick someone who always stood out to me is Satoru’s mom from ERASED. And while searching up pictures of my plump lip goddess, I came across people who weren’t fans of the fuller lip look.

This is another instance of someone thinking that they're fixing something. But hey, I get it, different people have different taste. But don’t be fucking with my thicc lip milf okay?

The original will always be better.

So yeah, I’m a big fan of big lip girls in anime, and just trying to find my brothers out there who agree. All lips are accepted and loved in anime, but it’s always great to see some variety. 

What do you think about big lip girls in anime? Do you know a big lip anime girl that you like? Do you think Satoru’s mom looks better with big lips or no lips? Tell us in the comments.